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The economic downturn in the early 2000s prevented the City of Fort Pierce, Florida, from funding beach and park cleanup efforts. The City has nine city parks and about four miles of beach on the beautiful Atlantic barrier island, South Hutchinson Island (commonly called South Beach by the locals). So, the South Beach citizens formed a volunteer group to do the job. Today, there are about 45 active volunteers who regularly clean and maintain our parks and beaches with the support of the City Public Works Department who provide shirts, picker uppers, and gloves. This group is represented on the Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful Advisory Board, and every year our Great American Cleanup event includes a project in South Beach. The volunteer group does a great job, but we wanted to get other citizens and visitors involved as well. Last year, a City Commissioner heard about BlueTube, Inc., and in conjunction with the Public Works Department and the Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful Advisory Board, we met with Patty Goffinet, the founder of BlueTube, Inc. BlueTube, Inc. is a small company with a big mission: clean beaches and plastic-free oceans. BlueTube is a 501(c)3 company based in Melbourne, Florida. The first BlueTubes were installed in June of 2015. Today there are over 100 BlueTubes from Jacksonville to Palm Beach. Find out more at BlueTubes are bright blue containers that hold clean, used plastic bags. They make it easy for residents and visitors to keep beaches and parks clean by providing a bag for trash when and where it's needed. The bright blue containers also serve as a reminder for patrons to take care of the places they love. Beachgoers are encouraged to grab a bag from a BlueTube, pick up trash and throw it away. When people donate bags to the BlueTube, the cycle continues. The Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful Advisory Board enthusiastically sponsored the first five BlueTubes, and individuals and businesses have now sponsored an additional 13. This is making a difference in our community by raising awareness and by actually keeping our beaches and parks cleaner. Thanks to our City and all the volunteers for doing such a great job and for supporting the BlueTube effort!

Keep Fort Pierce Beautiful, Fort Pierce, FL

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North Miami, FL – July 27, 2017 – On May 16, 2016, the city of North Miami received the Keep America Beautiful/UPS Community Tree & Tree Recovery Planting Grant to complete one of 30 projects throughout the nation that contributed to the planting of over 10,500 trees. The City of North Miami’s Community Planning and Development Department Sustainability Division held a community tree planting project on June 17, 2017 at the Joe Celestin Center and installed Florida friendly palms trees in the Sunkist Grove neighborhood. The city of North Miami received the grant from Keep America Beautiful, the national nonprofit that envisions a country in which every community is a clean, green and beautiful place to live and the UPS Foundation, which leads the global citizenship programs. Through the Keep North Miami Beautiful Community Tree Planting Grant Project, the City installed Florida friendly, drought tolerant, low maintenance palm trees in strategic planting locations throughout the community. The Keep America Beautiful/UPS Grant program was open exclusively to Keep America Beautiful affiliates and is intended to help grantees install trees to isolate levels of carbon dioxide through strategic plantings. North Miami is dedicated to enhancing the overall sustainability of its City and promoting environmental awareness throughout the community. As a USA Tree City recipient for 27 consecutive years, the City acknowledges the important role that trees play in improving social, economic and environmental well-being. Through the generous support from Keep America Beautiful and the UPS Foundation Grant program, the City plans to plant more trees in the coming days to enhance the quality of life for residents in North Miami.

Keep North Miami Beautiful

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Keep Tyler Beautiful was a recent recipient of the Keep America Beautiful/Lowe’s Community Partner’s grant. With this grant money, we partnered with the Tyler’s Cotton Belt Railroad Historical Society and chose a lot that is across the street from their museum. This lot, located in the heart of our downtown area, was overgrown and needed some intense devotion. Our vision was to create a small parklet that honored the Railroad history and created a green space for families to enjoy. We named this parklet the Cotton Belt Crossing. With this money, we were able to start phase one of this extremely significant project. We cleared out the lot, which included a couple dead trees, an old broken brick wall, overgrown weeds, and some rather large materials that had been illegally dumped. Our City of Tyler street department was able to go in and level the lot, which saved us some money, thankfully. We, then, paid a landscape company to come in to grade the lot, layout mulch, and plant 2 small flower beds at the parklet’s entrance. Since this lot is in the downtown district and we are continuously looking for ways to revitalize the area, the Heart of Tyler, a nonprofit group completely dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Tyler, agreed to pay for a parklet sign. They partnered with a local artist who created an entrance sign and a gate specifically for this parklet. The Cotton Belt Railroad Historical Society was able to get some tracks laid in preparation for our phase two of the project, which will be completed at a later time after we find some additional funding. The phase two part of the plan will be to install irrigation, get some benches for seating and bring a 90 foot railroad car back to Tyler, restore it and put it on display for the public to enjoy. This parklet has been placed right next to our new Innovation Pipeline building, which will bring those together to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the City of Tyler. A little bit of our history, right next to our future.

Keep Tyler Beautiful, Tyler, TX

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