Keep Akron Beautiful, Akron, Ohio

In 2012 for the first time, Keep Akron Beautiful invited private schools in the Akron area to join the Recycle Bowl competition to celebrate America Recycles Day. The results were more than we could have anticipated. We found that one private school not only had what it took to win our local competition, but they knew how to celebrate too!

St. Mary’s School recycled 32.2 pounds per student which equals 2.8 tons total, the most of any of our middle schools. We couldn’t be prouder of our first time competitors. To celebrate, St. Mary’s held a school wide assembly on December 17 to accept the $500 check from Keep Akron Beautiful and River Valley Paper Company.

Two students were chosen as Green Ambassadors to accept the check. The principal then revealed to the student body that the check would be used to treat the school to a field trip to the zoo! Three football players from the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School football team came to speak to the students and tell them how proud they were of the school. The football team was, by the way, the state champions in their division.

What is great about St. Mary’s School is what role models they are for other schools. St. Mary’s got the whole community involved in America Recycles Day and the entire experience really reinforced the idea that recycling is important and recycling pays off. If one small school can accomplish all this in their first year, imagine what you can do!

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