Keep America Beautiful – Chicago, IL

Keep America Beautiful President & CEO Matt McKenna joined Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Coca-Cola Enterprises President & CEO Steve Cahillane for today’s Earth Day announcement of a $2.59 million grant to support Chicago’s expansion of its Blue Cart Recycling Program.

The grant, provided by The Coca-Cola Company and its philanthropic arm, The Coca-Cola Foundation, will provide 50,000 residential recycling carts over the next five years – 25,000 for this year’s initial gift and another 25,000 over the next five years.

“This significant donation will provide much needed convenience,” McKenna said. “We all know that lack of convenient access to recycling bins/carts is a key hurdle as to why people do not recycle.

“At Keep America Beautiful, we’re working to create long-term social change by raising awareness and mobilizing Americans to take action around one of the most important societal issues of our time: recycling,” McKenna added. “Recycling is participatory environmentalism. Poll after poll shows that individuals identify the act of recycling as their most immediate, tangible, and visible contribution to a better environment. Over the next few years, 50,000 Chicago households will have the opportunity to contribute and be a part of this vibrant community.”

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