The Litter Letter Project, Keep Washington Parish Beautiful, LA

Rachael Hatley, who will be graduating with a MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in mid-October,  developed The Litter Letter Project as her graduate thesis project in response to an issue of strong personal interest.

“I grew up in England where littering is shameful, so it is disappointing to see how big of an issue litter is in Louisiana, a state that is so beautiful in so many ways,” she said. “I felt compelled to do ‘something’ and believe using design as a tool and combining it with community collaboration as well as educating youth and using a positive message can be a very powerful driver for change.”

Hatley’s concept — to create three-dimensional inspirational messages using chicken wire filled with litter collected from roadways and highways — was well-received in Louisiana. So much so that Keep Louisiana Beautiful awarded a grant to Keep Washington Parish Beautiful (KWPB) to construct six installations throughout the parish.

After prototyping the two-foot-tall CARE letters (above), Hatley helped facilitate the six-foot installations. Residents of the Rayburn Correctional facility created the six-foot letters that are on display in the parish. Troy Barber, the Chairman of KWPB, organized the local community leaders to make the project come to fruition.

Hatley is using litter to deliver a visually powerful anti-littering message in the hope that it will inspire people to change their behavior. Read more about the project, including how Hatley constructs her “litter letters” and view additional installations here.

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  1. Leslie Tane 09/17/2013

    What a fantastic project. It’s a way of making the community think, not scolding or shaming. What an amazing approach. I like the letterforms, too!