Keep Akron (Ohio) Beautiful Recycles at the Akron Marathon

Keep Akron Beautiful was proud to be involved in the 11th running of the Akron Marathon this past weekend, in Akron, Ohio. The Akron Marathon, Keep Akron Beautiful and Re-Works rallied together to make recycling and composting a breeze for all runners involved in the weekend’s festivities. After being given a grant from Keep America Beautiful and The Coca-Cola Foundation, 25 recycling bins designed specifically for placement at the race were utilized on Saturday, Sept. 28, when 15,000 runners ran through the streets of Akron. Keep Akron Beautiful set out to help the marathon with its recycling (bottles and cans) through the grant, but also assisted in the entire “recycling experience” throughout race day.

Keep Akron Beautiful President and CEO Paula Davis and Jacqui Flaherty, Keep Akron Beautiful program manager, served as Volunteer Captains on race day, making sure that the mess created by 15,000 runners and over 20,000 spectators was cleaned up (and that anything and everything that could be recycled was, indeed, recycled).

“The Akron Marathon is thrilled to receive this grant,” said Anne Bitong, executive director. “We have put a lot of effort into providing a community event that is socially and environmentally responsible. Thanks to our partnership with Keep Akron Beautiful, we will be able to continually improve our recycling efforts at the finish line.”

Davis added, “This is a fine example of how our agency can promote recycling on-the-go in our community to reinforce personal recycling behavior outside of our homes, schools and places of work. Thank you to our national organization, Keep America Beautiful, for providing these funding opportunities to address our local sustainability goals.”

Keep Akron Beautiful is very proud of all the recyclables that were diverted from the trash and it is excited to recycle more and more each year!


  1. Terry House 10/02/2013

    The Akron Marathon is a wonderful event in Akron! We are so proud of it. Thanks to Keep Akron Beautiful for all the recycling efforts this year! The recycling was very well run and we are so glad to have it added to the Akron race! So proud of all Akron does to keep the recyclables out of the trash!

    • Larry Kaufman 10/03/2013

      We’re proud of Keep Akron Beautiful as well, Terry. Thanks for your support! – KAB Team