Volunteer Event “Project Picnic” Benefits Local Stamford Community


Hurricane Sandy’s winds are long gone, but a corporate sponsor, 1.2 million recycled bottlers and 250 volunteers turned a harsh event – quite literally – into a Connecticut picnic.

Volunteers from  Nestle Waters North America’s (NWNA) “Project Picnic” program assembled 100 brand new picnic tables Oct. 3 – part of an effort to beautify Stamford, Conn., a large coastal city directly hit by Hurricane Sandy.

“Nearly a year ago, the whir of generators was heard throughout this city as residents waited for power to be restored following Hurricane Sandy,” said Laura McCafferty, director, corporate communications at NWNA. “That sound had a very different meaning as it powered dozens of drills in the hands of hundreds of volunteers who are making their mark in bettering the community.”

The volunteers included NWNA Chairman, President and CEO Tim Brown, and 250 NWNA employees and representatives. Each picnic table contained 1,200 recycled plastic bottles carefully constructed by volunteers during the all-day event. This project aligns with KAB’s new “I Want To Be Recycled” national Public Service Announcement. . The educational campaign shows recyclable materials can be given another life and become something new when people choose to recycle. Visit iwanttoberecycled.org for more information and to find a recycling center in your community.

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  1. Delphine 10/10/2013

    Way cool!