Keep Slidell Beautiful

Olde Towne Lamp Post Painting

KSB observed the lampposts in Olde Towne Slidell were faded, pitted and had green oxidized paint.  Thinking we had about 125-150 lampposts to paint, KSB asked the Mayor for permission to take this on as a project.  Once he agreed, KSB actually counted the poles and found out there were 328!  A total of 25 volunteers and community service workers worked 217 hours on the project and painted 225 lampposts.  The Police Department Trustees painted the rest.

The Mayor was so pleased with the outcome that he had the City put in all new globes with new LED fluorescent lights.  The 36 hanging baskets that KSB plants and maintains sure look a lot better on nice beautifully painted lampposts.

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