South Miami Dade Beautiful

Nearly 75 volunteers joined Bud Light, Keep South Miami Dade Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful at Henry’s Dry Cleaners to build and beautify a Community Garden as well as have some fun.

As part of Bud Light’s “Do Good. Have Fun.” Summer program, the volunteers descended upon the donated green space cheering for the Miami Heat and were then brought in for a quick group briefing and a snack before the day’s work began. Volunteers worked in small groups — some worked together to rejuvenate some of the garden beds while other built brand new ones. A portion of the volunteers planted seedlings, bulbs and trees. The rest of them cleaned up the surrounding area and removed weeds and soil. The volunteers worked extremely efficiently and the tangible results at the end were awe-inspiring. Two thousand pounds of litter was collected of throughout the project site and a total of nine community gardens were successfully planted.

Volunteers worked long and hard to get the job done. One of the day’s biggest surprises were the Miami Heat t-shirts given away by the local Bud Light distributor after the event. After the project was complete volunteers sat back and celebrated their hard work with some refreshing Bud Light.

Check out to see photos from all of the Do Good. Have Fun. events. Check out to see if an event is taking place in a community near you this summer!

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