Keep Ridgeland Beautiful, Ridgeland, MS

Thanks to a grant from #Lowe’s and partnership with #KeepAmericanBeautiful #KAB, Keep Ridgeland Beautiful partnered with City of Ridgeland Parks and Rec and Dept. of Public Works and student volunteers to revitalize Friendship Park. The transformative event, July 22-23, 2015, included new picnic pads, grills, new bathroom building roof, painted and repaired picnic shelter, landscaping care, light repair and painting, and playground mulch.

Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Albany, GA

A middle school mission team from Jacksonville, Florida, joined Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful for a four-day community enhancement venture. The youth painted tables, pressure washed the building , planted flowers and played bingo at the ARC adult day care center. They made 600 food boxes at the food bank for the needy; they trimmed shrubs at a city park; and they painted the front porch of a city golf course clubhouse. But their favorite venture was painting out graffiti. This was the eighth year that @ Beach United Methodist Church has partnered with Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful.

Keep Winter Park Beautiful, Winter Park, FL

As Keep Winter Park Beautiful ‘s contribution to the Great American Cleanup, we cleaned up the Lake Virginia areas within the watershed. Groups met at Dinky Dock Park and then were deployed to predetermined, designated locations that were mapped out with the help of the City of Winter Park Lakes Department. Equipment and boats were supplied by the City of Winter Park. Participants included folks from Dayo Scuba who practiced their dive skills while retrieving sunken trash. A SUP club and a canoe and kayak club were on hand to help skim the lake’s shoreline, and multiple Winter Park residents and Rollins College students walked the streets within the watershed. In total, we had 55 volunteers that pitched in to collect approximately 440 lbs of debris, including 18 full garbage bags, a lawn chair, and an old buoy!

Keep Haltom City Beautiful, TX breaks the World Record for The Largest Cardboard Box Sculpture

Do you know anyone who’s broken a World Record? We know some people in Haltom City who have!

In partnership with the Northeast Environmental Team, Keep Haltom City Beautiful broke the World Record for The Largest Cardboard Box Sculpture on November 15, 2014, timed very appropriately to America and Texas Recycles Day.

The sculpture, measuring  41’3” long,  14’ high, and 25’6” deep,  was sketched and designed by Don Tipps and architect Daniel Williams. Sixty volunteers, 18,000 cardboard boxes, and a combined 487 volunteer hours later, a replica of the city’s original Birdville County Courthouse from 1855 was erected and a new World Record broken.

When the sculpture was eventually disassembled, it took 3 roll-off dumpster loads to recycle an astounding seven tons of cardboard!

Projects like this prove that with cooperation from members across the community—from local students and businesses, to city employees—anything is possible. Congratulations to Keep Haltom City Beautiful and the outstanding volunteers who achieved this incredible feat!

Check out their sculpture on the Official Guinness World Record website here.

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful

The Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum (The Discovery), Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB), and Waste Management (WM) collaborated for a “Waste Warriors Week” of educational activities at The Discovery during the week of June 15-21, 2015. Waste reduction and recycling activities were featured from KTMB’s popular Waste Warriors curriculum (made possible by a 2012 Waste Management/KAB Think Green Grant). During “Waste Warriors Week,” The Discovery, KTMB and WM volunteers and staff dedicated more than 240 hours to design and facilitate eight hands-on activities and demonstrations. This project and partnership successfully inspired about 3,000 kids and adults to be creative in the way they reduce their waste and reuse common items they might otherwise throw away or recycle, further encouraging them to practice and share what they learned in the Truckee Meadows community.

Keep Norfolk Beautiful, Norfolk, VA

Cigarettes = Litter Campaign

Keep Norfolk Beautiful is pleased to be a part of this regional effort to educate the public on smoking product litter. We have known for a long time that cigarette butts are the number one littered item and the most costly to remove due to their small size. The hope of this educational campaign is to dispel the most egregious myths about this particular type of litter.

Myth 1- Filters are biodegradable. This means to break down by a living organism. Filters are plastic so they simply degrade and the plastic breaks into even smaller pieces. In water, these small pieces are mistaken for food by small creatures which in turn get eaten by bigger creatures including you and me!

Myth 2 – “My one cigarette butt is no big deal” – In Virginia 20% of the population smokes. At just one small site in downtown Norfolk volunteers counted 631 butts and cigar tips. Multiply that by all the stop lights and areas outside restaurants all over Hampton Roads and you get more than one.

The good news is that smokers respond well to added receptacles — a key strategy for reducing this type of litter. Most don’t know that butts harm waterways and, after learning the facts, carry a pocket or car ashtray.

During the summer, Norfolk’s campaign will focus on Civic Plaza which includes City Hall, a Light Rail stop, and the new court building. Fact sheets, new receptacles and both pocket and car ashtrays will be distributed free of charge. Picking this location will reach a diverse group of citizens and city leaders who can spread the word about keeping Norfolk beautiful.

During Keep Norfolk Beautiful day in April, these awesome volunteers did a scan of the targeted campaign area at Civic Plaza. To learn more visit

Metro Beautification & Environment Commission, Nashville, TN

Metro Beautification would like to express a big THANK YOU!!!! to Keep America Beautiful and Waste Management for the 2014 Waste Management Think Green Grant. We were able to completely overhaul our recycling education room located in the Waste Management materials recovery facility. This included installing recycled content flooring, painting the walls, installing large live-sized decals of aluminum, plastic, paper and cardboard bales, a cabinet displaying items made from recycled material, as well as installation of a camera and large screen tvs that create a virtual window into the recycling facility. The camera can be controlled in the education room by the kids or adults to see how recyclables are processed. Our education room is rather small, but this grant helped us to maximize the space and create a fun, educational and interactive experience!

Keep Clinton Beautiful, Clinton, MS

On Nov. 14, 2014, we hosted America Recycles Day at Clinton Park School. We challenged the first grade class to a week-long competition to see who could collect the most recyclables. Throughout the week, teachers and students discussed the importance of recycling and the impact it has on a community. The winning class received a $100 donation from Keep Mississippi Beautiful. On the last day of the contest, city officials, Keep Mississippi Beautiful representatives, and Waste Management representatives gathered with 400 first graders to speak about and encourage them to continue their efforts at school, home, in the community, and to commit to recycling as a way of life. A check presentation was made at a recent school event celebration.