Keep Stockwell Beautiful, Inc. Stockwell, In

A beautiful spring day in Stockwell provides lots of opportunities for volunteers to help with the James Cole Outdoor Education Center Cleanup. This five acre facility offers a pond, wetlands, butterfly garden, rain garden, bio swale, windmill, bat house and the list goes on! Volunteers gather twice a year to prep the facility for the beginning of spring and the start of fall. Last year hundreds of students and parents took advantage of this beautiful diamond in the rough.


Keep Moore County Beautiful Cleanup effort helps “Lost City” Neighborhood

Eastman Road, which runs off West Pennsylvania Avenue Extension, goes through an area known as Lost city with dilapidated, abandoned homes on overgrown lots. Because of its hidden remote location, it is mostly an illegal dumping ground consisting of household trash, hundreds of old tires, construction debris, a few old appliances and other junk. In the month of April , a number of county, town and state agencies moved in and took action to clean up this area, along with our Executive Director for Keep Moore County Beautiful, Chad Beane.

Because of the huge undertaking with the amount of material and the kind of material, it was too much for KMCB board members, staff and volunteers to handle. So the county and Keep Moore County Beautiful marshaled the forces of an inmate crew from the Sherriff’s Department led by Sheriff Neil Godfrey and some heavy equipment from the NC Department of Transportation to place large piles of debris into dumpsters. This clean up took (3) days of hard work.
We collected (3) dumpster of trash and debris along with 83 tires.

Keep Stockwell Beautiful, Inc Stockwell, IN

The community of Stockwell and surrounding communities love our Bulky Trash and Tire collection.  Local farmers are able to dispose of Tractor and Semi tires for a nominal fee.  This helps reduce the amount of tires “laying around or local farms.”  Leifler Tire company recycles 80-90% of the tires using them for cow bedding, highway barrels and playground mulch.

Keep Dorchester County Beautiful, Dorchester South Carolina

The Summerville Saltwater Anglers hosted their March River Cleanup of the Ashley River with Keep Dorchester County Beautiful as a partner this year. Saturday March 21 Keep Dorchester County Beautiful brought GLAD Bags, gloves and other materials to help with the Cleanup on the Ashley River. The GLAD bags were not only filled to the max, but were strong enough to take sharp objects that were put into them, and the bags didn’t leak out into the boats!

Summerville Saltwater Anglers had 18 boats, 4 kayaks and several Canoes and 45 Volunteers and with Keep Dorchester County Beautiful help brought in over 139 GLAD Bags of trash , metal objects, wood beams, car seats, lawn chairs, table and bricks which weight out to be 3.20 tons.
GLAD thanks you so much for the wonderfully strong bags!!!!!

Keep Phoenix Beautiful, Phoenix, AZ

Keep Phoenix Beautiful hosted their annual Corporate Challenge on Saturday, Feb. 28! Seven corporate volunteer groups completed volunteer projects all across Phoenix, Arizona. Groups included Henkel, Arizona Public Service, Salt River Project, Coca-Cola, University of Phoenix, CSL Plasma, and Crown Castle. Project sites were comprised of various city parks and nonprofits. Volunteers planted, cleaned up community gardens, painted, created gardens, clean up water ways, and picked up litter.

Corporate Volunteer groups are competing for bragging rights and to have the Corporate Challenge Traveling Trophy for the next year! The winner will be announced March 12 at the annual Keep Phoenix Beautiful Awards Reception!

Keep Virginia Beautiful, Richmond, VA

Keep Virginia Beautiful’s inaugural Shiver in the River, which took place on Jan. 31, was an enormous success.

This past Saturday, when it was just a smidge under 42 degrees and the James River was running a cool crisp 37.8, around 400 people showed up to Give 60 and help KVB do a cleanup. The northern bank of the James around Tredegar Iron Works hadn’t looked this good in a long time. With so many volunteers showing up, KVB split off almost 75 brothers from the University of Richmond’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon to head over to Pony Pasture for an auxiliary cleanup. These young men collected 10 pretty decent-sized bags of recyclables and 10 decent-sized bags of trash.

After the Cleanup, 150 hearty and crazy souls stripped down to Speedos, vintage suits, and costumes to wade through chest-deep water, give a shout-out to Richmond Fire & Rescue, and scramble back across and up the shore. Big hugs to the guys and gals at RF&R for being there with their boats. They didn’t save any lives, but they were lifesavers. Our James River Jumpers then shivered over to the heated tent where they enjoyed delicious BBQ and dumplings from Lunch/Supper skipper Rick Lyons.

There were a few take-aways from the Shiver in the River. First is that our job (and by that we mean all of us) is never done. Pony Pasture is one of the most popular spots along the James in Richmond, and it was obviously in need of care. Same goes for the areas around Tredegar. Second is that we need to do a better job of spreading our message. One of our main goals with the Shiver was to raise funds to do that. And we still need your help. As a nonprofit, we only exist because of your donations of time and money. Lastly, we realized that acting crazy to help keep Virginia beautiful can be a blast. We didn’t expect as many people to show up as did, and really appreciate that. So, our Second Annual Shiver in the River is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016. Just saying.

If you’d like to be a part of planning this wacky thing next year, head over to our Make a Difference page, click “Education/Other,” and tell us you want to be a part of the Shiver crew.

Those of you who played with us this year – You Rock.

Keep Guntersville Beautiful, AL

The Lakeview Community Civic Organization (LCCO) coordinated its annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Neighborhood Cleanup. Keep Guntersville Beautiful assisted in this worthy endeavor by providing gloves, safety vests, bags, litter picker sticks and calling for volunteers. Volunteers assembled at Williamson-Harris Park for a breakfast provided by the LCCO. Afterwards, teams spent three hours picking up trash and collecting recyclables throughout the Lakeview neighborhood. The Guntersville Police Department, the LCCO and their partners in the Building Bridges Task Force will receive a Distinguished Service Citation for Community Improvement Litter Prevention & Revitalization for such service projects at the KAB National Conference Award Ceremony in Washington, D.C. on January 27, 2015.