Keep America Beautiful Works To Keep Bonnaroo Litter Free

Bronwen Evans, Keep America Beautiful’s director of litter programs, attended the recent Bonnaroo to develop KAB’s metrics protocol on cigarette litter at special events, and to support the local affiliate, Keep Coffee County Beautiful (KCCB) of Manchester, Tenn.

“Keep Coffee County Beautiful did an amazing job with their $5,000 CLPP grant,” Evans said. “Not only did they strategically place dozens of Smoker’s Outpost receptacles to support proper disposal of cigarette butts and cigar tips, they did some terrific educational outreach with signage, bumper stickers, and t-shirts. Over 2,400 pocket ashtrays were distributed to environmentally-conscious adult smokers in this music-loving crowd.”

Tonya Wilkinson, executive coordinator of KCCB, hosted Evans and KAB researcher Adam Roberts after weather conditions made camping problematic. Wilkinson also arranged for Evans to meet with Coffee County, Tenn., Mayor David Pennington and Tullahoma, Tenn., Mayor Lane Curlee, and to visit the local recycling center.

“Tonya is running an exemplary program, and is a real credit to Keep Tennessee Beautiful and to the Keep America Beautiful affiliate network,” Evans said.

Keep Manatee Beautiful, Bradenton, FL

Keep Manatee Beautiful has partnered with the City of Bradenton and Manatee County Government to expand its Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. The program is designed to educate citizens about the environmental impacts of improper disposal of cigarette litter and to provide cigarette receptacles for proper disposal.

In May 2014, Keep Manatee Beautiful received Keep America Beautiful grants of $7,000 to initiate a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program to install 90 cigarette bins with at Bradenton’s Riverwalk and Main Street, Manatee Public Beach, Bayfront Park and Palma Sola Causeway.

The cigarette bin and portable ashtrays will be available to attendees at the numerous, annual events held at the City of Bradenton’s Riverwalk at Rossi Park and historic Old Main Street. At these events, we will get them directly into the hands of adult smokers through a one-on-one distribution to give them a way to properly dispose of cigarette butts and to inform them of the newly installed cigarette bins.

At Manatee County parks on Anna Maria Island and Palma Sola Causeway, older cigarette bins made of stainless steel will be replaced with a more durable style. The ash receptacle we have chosen is the Glaro 2401 Wall Mounted Indoor Outdoor Ashtray. Completely weatherproof, windproof and fireproof, this cigarette receptacle is made of solid 1/16 thick seamless aluminum and has a large capacity and is easy to empty because of a smartly-designed security locking system. Satin brass models cannot tarnish and, therefore, never need polishing. Permanent-mount and wall-mounted models are complete with all mounting hardware. They conceal odors and prevent the wind from blowing debris.

Before and after the installation, volunteers will conduct a cigarette butt scan of the areas surrounding specific installations to get a before/after count of the cigarette butt litter.


Metro Beautification & Environment Commission

The Country Music Association Music Festival (June 5-8, 2014) brings 80,000+ people to Nashville from all over the world. This year our affiliate conducted a cigarette litter prevention awareness campaign. With our staff and volunteers we talked with thousands of people, handed out over 10,000 pocket ashtrays (see the happy music festival participants in the photo) and picked up 7,500 cigarette butts! Our campaign was further supported by the local newspaper which ran full color cigarette litter prevention advertisements all four days of the festival! A BIG thank you to KAB for the support!

Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful

At the recent Athens Beautification Day, partners of Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful unveiled a new community cleanup trailer for use in 13 counties in Southeast Ohio.

“Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful partners are very excited to have the cargo trailer available now to assist us in cleaning up illegal dump sites and carrying out our beautification projects. Volunteers will now have all the necessary safety equipment and tools to help make a difference in their community,” said Gary Chancey, Team Leader for Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful.

The trailer was purchased by Rural Action with funding from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Litter Collection & Prevention Grant. The City of Athens, Wayne National Forest, and The Athens City-County Health Department have been key players in visioning, designing, and preparing the trailer for use.

The trailer includes equipment necessary for litter and dump site cleanups as well as beautification, including shovels, rakes, gloves, safety signs and vests, leaf blowers, bags, and trash and recycling containers. The City of Athens provided special funds to include graffiti removal equipment inside the new trailer.

Soon, partners of the Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful Affiliate will be allowed to loan the trailer to host cleanups in their communities. Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful is a local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful that serves at 13 county region and is managed by Wayne National Forest. Counties include Scioto, Lawrence, Jackson, Gallia, Meigs, Vinton, Hocking, Athens, Perry, Morgan, Washington, Monroe and Noble.

“The trailer is perfect for communities that want to plan a beautification day that engages lots of volunteers,” said Rural Action Zero Waste Administrator Erin Sykes.

If you want to learn more about how your community can use the trailer for cleanup and beautification projects, visit

Keep Sevier Beautiful, Sevier County TN

Litter Letter Ask WHY at Pigeon Forge Middle School

Six-foot letters stuffed with litter have been placed in front of the Pigeon Forge Middle School along Wears Valley Road asking “WHY” to encourage by passers to rethink littering.

The letters debuted at the commencement of Litter Awareness Month and Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup. Students from Robert Satterfield’s class have been working on the letters as part of a class project in conjunction with Keep Sevier Beautiful. The students designed the shapes of the letters, cut the rebar and wrapped them in chicken wire. All the litter inside the letters have been collected along Sevier County roadways by the County’s litter cleanup crew; a crew funded by TDOT.

“This has been an incredible partnership between the Pigeon Forge High School, Mr. Satterfield and his students, the County and TDOT,” said Laura Howard, Keep Sevier Beautiful executive director. “Not only can we raise awareness about litter by working together, but we can end it as well.”

The letters are part of a larger project — The Litter Letter Project — developed by Rachael Hatley for her MFA thesis to raise awareness about how deeply an environmental issue litter is in Louisiana. As a graphic designer and educator she created a series of letters using litter as the message. There are currently seven large litter letter installations on display in several locations around Washington Parish, La.

By displaying these large-scale visual messages in public places the hope is to provoke a response, thought and action. As the primary gateway to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, litter in Sevier County not only has an environmental impact, but an economic one as well.

“The cost of littering is staggering,” Howard said. “As a County and through our municipalities, we spend over $369,000 picking up litter.” The cost is more than that figure – research shows litter decreases property values, negatively impacts revenue in shopping districts, discourages new businesses to develop in a community, and attracts additional litter and crime.

For more information about litter, how to volunteer or more about the Litter Letter project, visit Keep Sevier Beautiful’s website at

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, Reno, NV

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) was a recipient of a 2013 Keep America Beautiful/Lowe’s Community Improvement Grant. KTMB, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, partnered with the Lowe’s Store (#3034) located in Sparks, Nev., to provide community improvement projects located in close proximity to the store involving Lowe’s associates working side-by-side with community volunteers. The project is comprised of two KTMB’s signature programs: Adopt-A-Spot and Adopt-A-Park.

KTMB’s Adopt-A-Spot program is a grassroots roadside litter abatement program is widely popular here in the Truckee Meadows. Through the Community Improvement Grant, the Lowe’s store in Sparks adopted a stretch of road along Sparks Boulevard, a major artery road which leads directly from the city’s residential areas into Legends Shopping Center where Lowe’s is located. The road is also one of the major arteries leading to the I-80 freeway entrance/exit. A sign was installed by the City of Sparks stating that the stretch of road has been adopted by Lowe’s. Lowe’s associates coordinated with KTMB for three cleanups, and KTMB provided all the cleanup supplies (rakes, trashbags, and gloves).

The Adopt-A-Park project with Lowe’s took place at the City of Sparks’ crown jewel, the Sparks Marina, which is located in close proximity to the Lowe’s store. The picturesque Sparks Marina accommodates swimming, boating, fishing, scuba diving and picnicking facilities, and breath-taking views of the nearby mountains. With a two-mile walking path, trees and sandy beaches surrounding a 77-acre lake, the Sparks Marina is a perfect setting for family fun; there were more than 350,000 visits last year alone. The Sparks Marina officially opened in 2000, and 13 years of use has taken its toll. The much-loved park has been in need of repairs as the City of Sparks has had to reduce its maintenance budget because of the economic recession. The Community Improvement Grant allowed for much-needed repairs, weed abatement and trash pick-up to occur at the Marina on KTMB’s Make a Difference Day on Saturday, Nov. 2. Tools were purchased from the Lowe’s store for the Sparks Parks and Recreation Department and for this project with grant funding. Fifty-five community and Lowe’s Heroes participated in cleanup and beautification efforts at Sparks Marina with 85 bags of Russian Thistle and other invasive weeds being collected and 10 bags of trash filled.

KTMB looks forward to an ongoing partnership with the Lowe’s store in Sparks. Thank you to Assistant Store Manager, David Berntzen, for your help and support. Thank you Lowe’s and Keep America Beautiful for this grant opportunity.

Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful, Riverside, CA

Each year on the first Saturday in October in the City of Riverside, CA , Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful organizes the Santa Ana River & City Waterway Cleanups. The project is in its sixth year as partnership project with the Riverside County Flood Control and local law enforcement. It started out as a small river bottom cleanup with about 75 community volunteers and has grown to 500 volunteers with an expanded footprint of 17 waterway cleanup sites which collected over 34,000 lbs. of waste and bulky items this year. This project has noteworthy impact on the community from an environmental perspective because it prevents so much litter and debris from going into our city waterways, which would ultimately end up in the Pacific Ocean, and all the while preserving the natural habitat that lives within the river bottom. Thank you Lowe’s and the City of Riverside!