Keep Bartow Beautiful, Cartersville, GA

Euharlee Elementary, Euharlee, Georgia, wins 2014 Grand Prize in the Keep Bartow Beautiful School Recycling Contest: Wildlife Wonders school-wide presentation.

The school won in the elementary division, with 622 students K-5 recycling 76,640 pounds of materials that would have otherwise been landfilled. These students recycled 123.2 pounds per student to win the coveted prize.

This past school year, 26 schools, public and private, 18,479 students total, were awarded $4600 in prizes for voluntarily recycling 470,810 pounds, or 235.4 tons, in just one school year. Since the contest started in 2005, over 2.25 million pounds of mixed paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and cardboard boxes have been successfully recycled into new products. Winner of the Middle-High School Division was Cass Middle School, also the 2013 state champion of Georgia’s Recycle-Bowl competition.

Thanks to great partnerships with the school systems, local government, and industires such as Anheuser-Busch, the program is a huge success story for the entire community. This year’s contest will kick off when school begins in August.

The photo shows the student council of Euharlee Elementary, leaders in their school’s recycling efforts, collecting recycling from each classroom and around the school weekly. Wildlife Wonders staff join with the students to hold an anaconda from South America. Students learn about how their recycling efforts help to preserve wildlife habitats, such as trees.

Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful, Athens, AL

Recycling PET is an important part of our recycling initiative, especially since we have Custom Polymers PET right here in Athens, Alabama! Custom Polymers PET is the 4th largest plastic recycling company in North America and creates pellets from recycled bottles and containers that are used by manufacturers to make new products.

Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful works hard to bring recycling education to our 22 city, county, and private schools. We also provide the necessary support to encourage staff and students to act on what they learn.

To encourage recycling within our schools, we provide schools with free recycling service. Rolling carts and classroom recycling bins are provided to each school. As incentive, each month we present the city and county school recycling the most pounds per student with the Top Dog Award, which is a travelling stuffed bull dog. It is amazing how hard the schools fight for that award! We also host a PET Recycling Contest, which is sponsored by Custom Polymers PET. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three schools that recycle the most PET per student at the end of the school year.

KALB’s efforts in our schools was also supported by a very generous business owner who distributed coupons for a free ice cream cone and a slice of pizza to every student attending schools that met their recycling goals for the year. The students were thrilled!

KALB reinforces these contests and incentives with presentations and programs in classroom or assembly settings.

Recycling in our community is strongly supported by our city and county leaders and city and county school superintendents. KALB continues to be proactive in the schools because we know what becomes a habit at school very often filters through to the home setting.

Our recycling center also works closely with city and county governments in our efforts to provide community recycling centers strategically placed throughout the area. We also provide free recycling services to area businesses.

Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful is very proud of the impact we make in many areas of our community, but particularly recycling. We are grateful to our community leaders who recognize and support our efforts.

Keep Pike County Beautiful-McComb, Miss.

Keep Pike County Beautiful celebrates 8 successful months of recycling with over 52 tons of recycled goods thanks to the $10,000 Think Green Waste Management Grant & Support from the City of McComb and the Pike County Supervisors. It’s been great to see our community emerge from a failed program over 20 years ago to Success Success Success! We had a regular daily flow at our Single Stream Compactor. Any given day, there would be a line of cars of residents waiting to bring their recycled goods. The enthusiasm remained high from the beginning of fall 2013.

In partnership with the City of McComb and our other municipalities, the Pike County Board of Supervisors worked together and established a single-stream recycling program. This was accomplished by providing a roll-off dumpster at a central collection site and offering all businesses/residents the opportunity to recycle common trash fillers 24/7. The grant created the county’s only recycling site for standard recycling, in hopes of reducing solid waste collection by 8 tons per month initially, and 12 tons per month by the end of the six-month trial period. The grant paid for signage, a security camera, advertising, educational materials, and recycling collection costs.

This program has truly been supported by all of our municipalities including McComb, Summit, Magnolia and Summit throughout the entire pilot program. At any given time, there was a line of cars waiting at our fire station to drop of their materials to be recycled Firemen worked together to compact the items placed into it up to 4-6 times daily. We worked in partnership with our local Walmart who recycled the plastic bags we used to transport the recycled materials.

In addition to the $10,000 for the Think Green grant, we had additional financial support from the City of McComb and the Pike County Board of Supervisors to ensure this pilot program was a true success.

As of July 1, 2014, this program is ongoing. Our affiliate and the City of McComb was recently awarded a grant from the MS DEQ to continue and grow our efforts throughout the rest of the county with a goal of going curbside. There are now dumpsters at central locations in each of our other towns, and so far, community support for the program continues to grow.

Thank you, Keep America Beautiful, for your support of the program and for arranging a partnership with a company like Waste Management. We hope to have an even bigger story this time next year when we hope to go curbside.

Keep Walton Beautiful – Monroe, Georgia

KWB sponsors a secure document destruction event annually. In May of 2014, 125 citizens participated, shredding over 7,000 pounds of unwanted documents. It is held in the Carmichael Drug parking lot on Highway 1378 from 10:00 am through12:00 pm, and is a very popular event with our citizens. This year, we combined the event with a shoe recycling swap for free shredding. Advertising was done with a variety of media, and citiizens reported great appreciation for the event.

Lake Fayetteville Watershed Partnership, Fayetteville, AR

The Lake Fayetteville Watershed Partnership hosted its 2014 Lake Fayetteville Spring Cleanup on May 10, in conjunction with Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup.

Seventy-five volunteers gathered to help remove approximately 1,200 pounds of litter from in and around Lake Fayetteville! They were able to recycle 150 pounds of recyclables (plastics and aluminum), as well as three tires! Thanks to the Lake Fayetteville Watershed Partnership for their dedication to keeping Lake Fayetteville beautiful!

Electronic-Waste Recycling in Van Buren, Ark.

Keep Van Buren Beautiful hosted an Electronic-Waste Recycling Event in conjunction with the Great American Cleanup on April 19. The Van Buren High School football team was a tremendous help at the event–unloading 30,000 pounds of e-waste to be recycled! Way to go, KVBB!

Keep Dodge City Beautiful, Dodge City, Kansas

For many years, our recycling program has provided a recycle box trailer to two smaller communities in our county. Due to the popularity of the recycling program and the demand by those residents for recycling opportunities daily, this year the cities purchased trailers so that they can recycle on a daily basis. Our program still serves as the processing facility for their items. This has been a very successful partnership.

Keep Westmoreland County Beautiful

Keep Westmoreland County Beautiful received a $10,000 WM Think Green Grant to implement a multifamily dwelling (apartment) recycling program for up to 500 apartment units. Three apartment complexes were chosen to test the pilot program. Educational material on single stream recycling (2 complexes), and a municipal recycling program (1 complex) were developed unique to each facility; apartment-sized recycling totes were purchased for each unit and hand-delivered to each resident. Waste Management assisted with selection of the appropriate collection method and schedule for each facility. After some initial skepticism, residents seem to have really taken to the recycling program and are anxious to see it continue. Apartment managers seem pleasantly surprised by the reaction and participation of their residents.