Keep Clinton Beautiful, Clinton, MS

On Nov. 14, 2014, we hosted America Recycles Day at Clinton Park School. We challenged the first grade class to a week-long competition to see who could collect the most recyclables. Throughout the week, teachers and students discussed the importance of recycling and the impact it has on a community. The winning class received a $100 donation from Keep Mississippi Beautiful. On the last day of the contest, city officials, Keep Mississippi Beautiful representatives, and Waste Management representatives gathered with 400 first graders to speak about and encourage them to continue their efforts at school, home, in the community, and to commit to recycling as a way of life. A check presentation was made at a recent school event celebration.

Seven Ways to Host the Greenest BBQ Ever!

Summer BBQ season is here! It’s a time for summer gatherings full of party recyclables, and a great time to refresh your memory on how to reduce, reuse and recycle right. Follow the 7 tips below and not only will you be keeping America beautiful this summer, you will impress your guests with the greenest BBQ ever!

-Set up for success. Make a point to direct your guests to clearly marked recycling and trash bins so they can help you sort during the party. It gets messy when the bottles mix with potato salad!

-Use pitchers for beverages such as water, lemonade and iced tea.Instead of buying personal-sized beverage containers, make your beverages (homemade raspberry lemonade, anyone?) and serve them in pitchers. Which leads us to…

-Provide a marker next to plastic cups so guests can write their names on the cups. BBQ party guests can easily lose track of their drinks and therefore use more than one cup. By giving them a way to mark their drink it will help them to use less. Encourage your guests to get creative with their signatures!

-Collect plastic wrap separately for a drop-off. Plastic grocery bags, hot dog and hamburger bun bags, bags of ice – these plastic bags are also recyclable but not in the curbside recycling bin. Find a retailer near you that collects them:

-Choose reusable or compostable dishware and utensils. Time to bust out your good silverware! To lighten the trash load, consider using regular plates and utensils rather than disposable. If you have composting services available, compostable plates and utensils may be an option for you, too.

-Remember that many of the BBQ staples can be recycled. Dip containers, salsa jars and cracker boxes.

-Know the compostable food scraps. If you’re a backyard composter, collect those foods scraps for your compost bin. Here is a quick tip sheet from our friends at EPA:

Keep Bartow Beautiful, Cartersville, GA

On May 11, 2015, Euharlee Elementary School received the Grand Prize for winning Keep Bartow Beautiful’s Ninth Annual School Recycling Contest. A well-known North Georgia Professional Wildlife and Animal Education Company, Wildlife Wonders, presented a school-wide program for the students. Euharlee collected 80,060 pounds of mixed paper, cardboard, cans, and bottles to win the prize, or 135.2 pounds per student for the 592 students. Winners were awarded $4,000 worth of prizes in three divisions. This year, 26 schools/school facilities recycled 423,080 pounds of cans, bottles, cardboard boxes, and mixed paper.

The contest began with eight schools and the support of Anheuser-Busch Recycling and the Cartersville Anheuser-Busch Brewery, with the local operation providing ongoing support. The results have been astonishing — over 2,000 tons of recyclable materials have been recovered voluntarily through Bartow County, the City of Cartersville, and Excel Academy schools through voluntary teams of teachers, students, parents and staff, with the support of Bartow County Solid Waste.

Tom Bennett of Wildlife Wonders wows the crowd with an albino boa constrictor. Bennett explains to the students how they help protect wildlife habitat, such as jungles, forests, rivers and regions mined for minerals, when they recycle.

Recycle One, Pike County, MS

Recycle One will continue for a third year thanks to the 2015 Waste Management Think Green Grant of $10,000. Recycle One is a single stream program for aluminum, paper and plastic products. We hope to sustain a healthier environment by reducing pollution, re-purposing materials, and reducing the use of natural resources.

A New Study Shows that Americans Know Personal Care Products are Recyclable, But Aren’t Recycling Them. Help Us Make a Difference!

Your shampoo and body wash bottles are dreaming to be reimagined into a new life! A new survey from Unilever Bathroom Recycling Index found that while a majority of Americans are aware that empty bath and beauty bottles are recyclable, less than half (34%) are consistently bringing these items to the recycling bin! As a result, common bathroom products like shampoo, body wash and lotion bottles could be more likely to end up in landfills than their kitchen counterparts. This seemingly small problem has a huge impact, with nearly 29 million tons of plastics sent to landfills each year – including about 600 million products from bathrooms across America.


So what’s standing in our way? Well, it may be just that…standing. The study also found that one in five (22%) Americans wouldn’t walk across their home to recycle a bath or beauty bottle. In fact, Americans reported they are more likely to get a drink when thirsty, charge their phone, or answer a phone call than walk an empty plastic bottle from the bathroom to the recycling bin. It’s time to get up, get going, and get ahold of bathroom recycling.

Keep America Beautiful, the Ad Council and Unilever want to inspire people to get bathroom products in the bin by listing out the steps “Rinse. Recycle. Reimagine.” The study shows people know personal care products are recyclable, so let’s put this knowledge into action.

Here’s how you can join us in the bathroom recycling movement:

  • Tweet a pic of your bathroom recycling to @UnileverUSA with #ReimagineThat & #Sweeps for a chance to win a $500 gift card and eco gift packages. Contest description and rules here:
  • Place a bin in your bathroom. You can even make your own. This blog breaks down the steps to going green in your bathroom.
  • Learn more about bathroom recycling and how to decode the numbers.
  • Share a GIF on your social channels.

Keep Collier Beautiful – Naples, FL

The City of Naples, Florida observes Earth Day — in a big way — by hosting an Electronics Recycling Event & Free Secure Document Shredding at the Solid Waste old location. The event is held to save natural resources, landfill space and money. By partnering Goodwill Industries, residents in Naples & Collier County are given the opportunity to REDUCE, REUSE, & REPURPOSE unwanted electronics. This goes hand-in-hand with the State’s Drive it Home KOPLF.

There were an estimated 150+ vehicles dropping off electronics & items for shredding (vehicles will be counted at next event.)

Please take a look at our video!

Keep Guntersville Beautiful, AL

The Keep Guntersville Beautiful (KGB) station at the annual GES Earth Day Festival was literally, “jumping” this morning as 471 students decided to, “Take a Shot at Recycling.” The KGB staff and volunteers spoke with students about the impact of solid waste on the environment. Students offered creative suggestions for ways of “giving their recycling another life.”

4 Ways to Give the Earth Some Love on Earth Day

Earth day is here! So how can you get involved and do your part? A great way to take care of the earth is to recycle more and recycle right. If you’re already an accurate and avid recycler, we need your help to recruit and inspire others.

Please choose an action below that is right for you and help take care of our beautiful planet. Happy Earth Day!

1. Put a recycling bin in your bathroom.

Nearly half of Americans are not recycling their plastic personal care products so closing the loop here will make a big difference. Placing a recycling bin in or near your bathroom will help you remember to recycle right. Once you have a bin in your bathroom, share a pic of your good work on social media with #BeRecycled to inspire others.

2. Make a video about how you give your garbage another life.

Are you a crafty recycler that knows how to do things like turn a car tire into a planter? Enter our ZOOPPA video contest to inspire others with your great recycling ideas. Find out more about how to enter and available prizes here:

3. Spread the word by sharing our new ad on Facebook or Twitter.

Help spread fun recycling ideas through our new PSA starring Eva and Tess from Vevo’s Do It Your Selfie. They show us how you can give everyday household items a new life by turning some old t-shirts into a rug.

4. Show us recycling in action by taking a selfie and using the hashtag #BeRecycled!

Show people how you recycle by taking a recycling selfie and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter! Use the hashtag #BeRecycled so we can feature you on the KAB social channels. If you share an image, you will receive an Instacart $5 off + free delivery code!