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Keep America Beautiful's America Recycles Day – on Nov. 15 – is a great time to celebrate recycling and learn new ways to recycle in your home. With the national recycling rate at 34.3 percent, there is still plenty we can do to recycle more, to recycle right and to convert friends and family into recyclers. So, how can we work together to increase that recycling rate? Let’s start by recycling in the bathroom. We have found that only 41 percent of Americans say they always recycle products from the bathroom. As a result, common bathroom products like shampoo bottles, toothpaste boxes and shaving cream cans are more likely to end up in landfills than their kitchen counterparts. Why is this happening? According to our 2015 consumer insights study with the Ad Council, more than one in five people say they would recycle more products if they understood that they could be turned into new products. And nearly half of the people say they don’t recycle in the bathroom simply because they don’t have a recycling bin there to do so! That’s why it’s more important than ever to spread the word about personal care product recycling. Check out the top five items that many people forget to recycle in the bathroom. Recycle them this America Recycles Day – and every day! Quick Tip: Placing a small bin in your bathroom can help you to remember these items. You can solidify your commitment to recycle by taking the America Recycles Day pledge here:

Top 5 Items People Forget to Recycle in the Bathroom

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Keep Northeast Nebraska Beautiful and the City of Dakota City, Nebraska, wants to thank Lowe's and Keep America Beautiful for their financial support as well as the volunteer assistance from Lowe' s Heroes volunteers, who helped rebuild the Beermann Park’s only shelter house. Beermann Park is located in the heart of Dakota City’s residential neighborhood and includes a neighborhood playground, tennis court, shelter house, and soccer field. During the summer of 2014 straight-line winds damaged much of the community including the shelter house at Beermann Park. Unfortunately, the shelter house was found to be unsafe and unusable for patrons of the park and was eventually demolished. Since that time, the community has been fundraising for reconstruction of the facility; a goal that was realized after a Lowe's Community Partners Grant of $20,000 through Lowe's partnership with Keep America Beautiful. Stay tuned for pictures of the completed project! #KAB #KeepNortheastNebraskaBeautiful #BeermannPark #DakotaCityNebraska

Keep Northeast Nebraska Beautiful, Dakota City, NE

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North Marietta Neighborhood Community Garden (NMNCG) accomplished great things this summer and fall. Through a Lowe’s/KAB Community Partners Grant and in collaboration with Cobb Master Gardeners, community garden volunteers, Food Well Alliance and WellCare, we built an outdoor classroom, turned branches and garden waste into usable compost with our spiffy new chipper/shredder, expanded the community garden, collected cardboard and mulched paths. We beautified the green space with flowers, trees, shrubs and a monarch butterfly meadow. Garden use increased through Head Start classes in the outdoor classroom, CG workdays, children’s camp tours and special events. NMNCG is now a certified Pollinator Habitat and part of the Rosalyn Carter Butterfly Trail. We celebrated meeting project goals with an open house on Oct. 29. Almost 300 folks attended. City Councilmen and a Head Start student cut the ribbon on the outdoor classroom. Many thanks Lowe’s and KAB!

Keep Marietta Beautiful, Marietta, GA

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