Keep America Beautiful, Indianapolis, IN

The 2013 Indiana State Fair opened on Friday, Aug. 2, with fairgoers and vendors being introduced to a brand new recycling initiative. The Indiana State Fair Commission has partnered with Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and Alcoa Foundation to increase waste reduction, recycling and composting through the strategic placement of recycling bins across the 250-acre fairgrounds. The Indiana Recycling Coalition is also providing an educational booth, designed to raise awareness about the environmental and economic impact of recycling throughout Indiana.

The Indiana State Fair is one of three fairs in the U.S. selected to receive a $20,000 grant from Alcoa Foundation to fund additional recycling bins, technical and communications tools, support and training, and the identification of cost-effective practices, all managed by KAB.

The initiative in Indiana includes the placement of nearly 60 new, well-marked recycling bins and new instructional wraps for 25 existing bins located throughout public spaces on the fairgrounds. There is more than 300 green plastic bins provided to the 150 participating vendors, as well as 20 new wheeled bins to move vendor materials. Recycling questions will be answered at the education booth staffed by the Indiana Recycling Coalition in the Expo Hall. A team of recycling ambassadors will rove the fairgrounds to provide support and guidance to fairgoers and vendors, and ensure that the recyclables are put in the proper receptacles.

Alcoa Foundation Recycle Bins Are Making The Difference In Collegiate Recycling

In 2012, 33 colleges and universities received 19,948 recycling bins courtesy of the Alcoa Foundation. After one year of use in residential halls, stadiums, student unions and administration buildings, the numbers reported prove that these bins do indeed make a difference in campus recycling efforts.

Overall, 2.5 million pounds of recyclables were collected with an average of 6,734 people having access to these bins on a daily basis. According to Dr. Sue Gaylor, vice president of administration and planning at Lycoming College, “Between 2011 and 2012, we saw a decrease in the college’s waste (non-recyclables) tonnage by 156 tons. The Alcoa Foundation grant helped Lycoming College execute its commitment to recycling and sustainability. These recycling bins are one of several successful initiatives that the Sustainability Office has achieved in 2012.” Additionally, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale saw its campus recycling rates rise by 7%, while Arizona State University was able to place its recycling bins in highly utilized areas on campus, thereby enhancing campus engagement around its recycling program.

Since 2011, the Alcoa Foundation has provided more than 82,000 blue recycling bins to 81 colleges and universities. The Alcoa Foundation Bin Grant Program is an effort to help schools boost and expand their recycling collections throughout the year.

Tell us how your recycling bin program boosted your recycling efforts at home, school or work.

Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University (WCU) recently placed on campus 75 new recycling bins they received through the 2013 Alcoa Foundation Recycling Bin Grant Program. These recycling bins enabled WCU to expand its recycling program to athletic facilities, where students had reported that there was a need.

WCU was one of 35 colleges and universities that received recycling bins as part of the program, which is an effort to help schools boost recycling and is tied to the foundation’s partnership with Keep America Beautiful and the College and University Recycling Coalition.

Since 2009, WCU’s recycling rates have increased 55 percent. “What that tells us is that there is a huge need to add more bins on campus,” Lauren Bishop, energy manager at WCU. “We are truly grateful to the Alcoa Foundation and Keep America Beautiful for selecting us as a recipient.” .