Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

On Friday, April 19th, 45 volunteers from Procter & Gamble took to the streets of Kennedy Heights adorned with boas, leis, goofy hats, and sunglasses to have some fun beautifying one of Cincinnati’s neighborhood. We spread mulch at four different locations: the Arts Center, two public parks, and a community gateway. The City of Cincinnati and H.J. Benken Florist & Greenhouse provided mulch, Procter & Gamble provided work gloves and t-shirts, and we provided the rest.

Residents from Kennedy Heights were on hand to help supervise projects as well as someone from the Cincinnati Park Board. Our volunteers picked up litter, pulled weeds, edged tree beds, spread mulch near an ancient Indian burial ground and mulched a playground in just 2 hours.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and Whole Foods Market invited residents to take part in a unique recycling event, aptly named the “One Stop Drop”, in honor of Earth Day. Residents were encouraged to participate by bringing hard-to-recycle items like electronic waste and plastic grocery bags to one convenient drop off location for free recycling.

Acceptable items included:
• Electronic waste
• Cell phones and chargers
• Number 5 plastics such as butter tubs and yogurt containers
• Plastic grocery bags
• Used writing instruments like pens, Sharpies, Expo markers, and caps

Local electronics recycler 2TRG provided free recycling for a wide variety of electronic waste including computer monitors, audio equipment, printers, and more. Plus, local environmental organizations were on hand to share new initiatives with participants and answer questions about recycling.

The event was from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It was so windy, our tent almost blew away. We were reminded of Mary Poppins and kept yelling, “Man Your Posts!” every time a gust of wind would come through. We collected 9,000 pounds of e-waste and hundreds of pounds of batteries, cell phones, pens, and plastic tubs. Each organization had members volunteer to help collect and sort recyclables. We will host another event in the fall.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful facilitated an enormous cleanup in the neighborhood of Walnut Hills on April 27 with residents, members of the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, and Spring in Our Steps. Spring in Our Steps is a new grassroots organization enhancing community connections in Cincinnati by reclaiming alleys, sidewalks, and steps for the pedestrian. In Walnut Hills, there is a unique intersection of five alleys known as the 5-Points Alley. The Redevelopment Foundation has pledged to clean the area and use it as an event space for the community.

On Saturday morning, a dozen or so hard-working volunteers pulled out honeysuckle, raked leaves, pulled weeds, picked up garbage, repaired a fence, and removed graffiti. This picture is just a glimpse of the tremendous effort and the alley ways look completely different. We’re excited to see how the Redevelopment Foundation incorporates this new event space into their programming!