Keep Clark County Beautiful

Keep Clark County Beautiful is helping the National Trail Parks and Recreation District in Springfield, Ohio, to build an educational nature trail for urban youth to learn about local wildlife, and this weekend, they completed the first leg of the trail! Volunteers cleared 38 bags of litter, 20 dumped tires, and hundreds of pounds of dumped plywood while cutting through brush, removing vines and honeysuckle, and preparing the brand new trail for its signage.

Keep Highway Park Beautiful – Rescuing a Resting Place

Volunteers from the Interact Club consisting of students from Lake Placid High School and Lake Placid Middle School under the guidance of Deputy Michael Brod joined the Keep Highway Park Beautiful Commission, the Highway Park Neighborhood Council and local volunteers to clear brush and overgrowth from the historic Highway Park Cemetery.

Almost unreadable headstones lay broken, toppled and overgrown by weeds. Large trees with deep roots are shifting monuments and toppling other headstones. “Each of those stones has an interesting story to it and it is important to maintain that piece of our town’s history. We must not let it be buried, literally, again,” said Evelyn Colon, executive director of the Highway Park Neighborhood Council, in appeals to the community to help restore the cemetery.

Over 15 volunteers, most from within the Highway Park Community, came to help with this cleanup. Debris, shrubbery and trash filled 29 over-sized garbage bags. The 20-foot flagpole holding the U.S. flag, which had been damaged in a storm, was removed to be replaced in the very near future. Loose stones were picked up, grass was mowed, weeds trimmed away from the graves, and trees were trimmed.

Unincorporated towns with no budgets have often had little to no money to improve their cemeteries, leading to disrepair, crumbling gravestones, overgrown grass, persistent weeds, and no irrigation to sustain flowers or grass. This cleanup is one of many planned activities to restore the Highway Park Cemetery. It is hoped that with this and subsequent efforts, the cemetery will be better preserved to include historic signage and fencing.

The Highway Park Neighborhood Council, Keep Highway Park Beautiful and the Highway Park Ministerial Alliance are working together to beautify and restore dignity to our cemetery. Donations are welcome. For more information or to volunteer, please call Tiffany Green, HPNG president, at 863-840-2995.

Keep Clark County Beautiful

Keep Clark County Beautiful is helping the National Trail Parks and Recreation District in Springfield, Ohio, to create an educational nature walk trail for urban youth with little or no access to wilderness areas in the city. On Sunday, March 31, 2014, volunteers removed over 1,000 lbs. of litter from the soon-to-be trail, along with dozens of dumped tires and other bulk items. Utilizing KCCB’s new Community Cleanup Trailer, volunteers were also able to clear vines, weeds, and honeysuckle from the trail as well.

Keep Clark County Beautiful

Volunteers from Cedarville University, Wittenberg University, and the Childrens Rescue Center pitched in to spruce up the Jefferson Street Oasis community garden and Gopher Dome community center on Saturday, March 22, 2014. They collected over 40 bags of litter in addition to removing illegally dumped tires.

Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful, Riverside, CA

Each year on the first Saturday in October in the City of Riverside, CA , Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful organizes the Santa Ana River & City Waterway Cleanups. The project is in its sixth year as partnership project with the Riverside County Flood Control and local law enforcement. It started out as a small river bottom cleanup with about 75 community volunteers and has grown to 500 volunteers with an expanded footprint of 17 waterway cleanup sites which collected over 34,000 lbs. of waste and bulky items this year. This project has noteworthy impact on the community from an environmental perspective because it prevents so much litter and debris from going into our city waterways, which would ultimately end up in the Pacific Ocean, and all the while preserving the natural habitat that lives within the river bottom. Thank you Lowe’s and the City of Riverside!

Keep Big Spring Beautiful – Big Spring, TX

Keep Big Spring Beautiful worked with nearly 200 Big Spring Junior High students to clean up Birdwell Park, located directly behind their school.

In addition to collecting 2,060 pounds of trash and debris, students came across a lost dog during the cleanup. The dog was brought to Big Spring Animal Control.

Student chose to adopt the park as their project for their Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) program. The life-skills program is offered to all seventh graders and taught by a local police officer.

Keep Big Spring Beautiful provided trash bags and gloves for students, and the City of Big Spring donated mosquito-repelling wristbands for the project, which was covered by the local newspaper.

“We hope that it inspires others to take the same pride with the community,” said Teresa Darden of Keep Big Spring Beautiful.

Not only is the park cleaner thanks to the students, but it will also become a safer place, as city officials will use the cleanup as a springboard to clear out more brush, reducing the concealed areas within the park.

Keep Austin Beautiful dives into Lake Travis Underwater Cleanup

In partnership with Travis County and the Colorado River Alliance, Keep Austin Beautiful held the Annual Lake Travis Underwater Cleanup in Texas on September 15. New lake levels may have changed the shorelines of Lake Travis, but thanks to the 1,015 volunteers who came out last Sunday morning, every mile of Lake Travis was cleaned. Volunteers geared up with wetsuits, oxygen tanks, trash bags, and gloves to clean Lake Travis above and below the surface.  The value of their time totals $56,086 — Not including the $20 bill found during the cleanup at Starnes Island!

From the shoreline to the depths of Lake Travis, volunteers found everything from common keys, an old bike, glasses, cell phones (including iPhones), a boat motor, and shoes to more uncommon items such as tweezers, a 20-year-old cassette tape, a crankshaft, men’s underwear and a stainless steel grill. But the most unusual shoreline item of all was a pink flamingo cemented in a bucket found by Pack 205, who won a two-hour chartered sailing trip prize for their find. After the cleanup, volunteers headed over to The Oasis on Lake Travis for the Volunteer Appreciation Party featuring free lunch, live music, Finley the Fish’s dance moves, kids’ activities, and door prizes!

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