Keep Norfolk Beautiful, Norfolk, VA

Cigarettes = Litter Campaign

Keep Norfolk Beautiful is pleased to be a part of this regional effort to educate the public on smoking product litter. We have known for a long time that cigarette butts are the number one littered item and the most costly to remove due to their small size. The hope of this educational campaign is to dispel the most egregious myths about this particular type of litter.

Myth 1- Filters are biodegradable. This means to break down by a living organism. Filters are plastic so they simply degrade and the plastic breaks into even smaller pieces. In water, these small pieces are mistaken for food by small creatures which in turn get eaten by bigger creatures including you and me!

Myth 2 – “My one cigarette butt is no big deal” – In Virginia 20% of the population smokes. At just one small site in downtown Norfolk volunteers counted 631 butts and cigar tips. Multiply that by all the stop lights and areas outside restaurants all over Hampton Roads and you get more than one.

The good news is that smokers respond well to added receptacles — a key strategy for reducing this type of litter. Most don’t know that butts harm waterways and, after learning the facts, carry a pocket or car ashtray.

During the summer, Norfolk’s campaign will focus on Civic Plaza which includes City Hall, a Light Rail stop, and the new court building. Fact sheets, new receptacles and both pocket and car ashtrays will be distributed free of charge. Picking this location will reach a diverse group of citizens and city leaders who can spread the word about keeping Norfolk beautiful.

During Keep Norfolk Beautiful day in April, these awesome volunteers did a scan of the targeted campaign area at Civic Plaza. To learn more visit

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, Oklahoma City, OK

On May 15, 2015, Marathon Oil, along with Serve Moore and Home Depot, joined together in Forest Park Estates to help clean up the debris left in the aftermath of the tornado that passed through Bridge Creek on May 6.

The families affected in the Forest Park Estates tornado were so moved by their presence, several documented the event and cried tears of joy, giving them huge thanks for their efforts.  Flying Pig BBQ supported the volunteers by providing lunch at a discounted rate and by waving the travel fee when they learned what Marathon Oil was doing with Serve Moore!

The group was able to clean up the fence line along the property that was damaged so that the fence crew could come in and put up the new fence sooner.  Volunteers were able to gather 175 heavy duty bags of trash (by crumbling the debris to fit in the bags since the dumpsters were full), and load and haul off two trailers of debris and trash. Unfortunately, they were hindered due to the fact that the dumpsters were full, but they were able to organize the debris in several piles along the road and other access areas for easy haul off once dumpsters were emptied. They also had a crew go to a home and take down a rock wall fence that had been knocked over during a recent tornado. A volunteer crew removed carpet from a home that was destroyed by flood water. Finally, they had a crew that helped tarp a roof to prevent more flood damage with more rain in the forecast.

Commenting on the event, Joy Howard, Marathon Oil Planning Analyst, said, “This work was so gratifying and the residents were so humbled. Several cried and took photos of their own because they have had very little local support to clean up. Many said the work we did was more than the work they have done combined since the tornado!”

Great work Marathon Oil!

Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful, Inc., Winston-Salem, NC

As part of the annual Forsyth County Creek Week, over 800 volunteers participated in the Great American Cleanup with Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful. They removed 14,000 lbs. of trash and recyclables from local streets, streams, parks and schools. Shown here is a group of students from Winston-Salem State University at their cleanup location at 2nd Street. Local sponsors included Waste Management, Pepsi, Krsipy Kreme, Lowes Foods, Trader Joe’s and the Winston-Salem Journal.

Keep Cass County Beautiful, Louisville, NE

Keep Cass County Beautiful appreciates the hard work from these students who conducted a litter cleanup of a portion of Highway 50 south of Weeping Water, downtown Weeping Water, and the local park areas. The students along with their school sponsors (Sarah Roehl, FCCLA; and Sue Heinz, FBLA) collected 18 large garbage bags of trash. Terrific Job! Thank you for helping keep Cass County Nebraska clean and beautiful!