Sustainable Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

Sustainable Flatbush, the recipient of a KAB/Lowe’s Community Improvement Grant, would like to thank Lowe’s for supporting our Community Compost Project with a grant of $5,000. Our Compost Project provides a neighborhood-based resource where Flatbush, Brooklyn residents can recycle kitchen scraps and yard waste and learn about the compost process by participating and observing it in action. We collaborate with local schools, churches, youth groups, businesses and neighbors to reduce the amount of waste generated in our community.

Our goal is to convert composting from a fringe practice to a mainstream activity by demystifying the process and training our neighbors in practical composting skills. Using compost as a vehicle, we promote environmental advocacy, activism, and stewardship on a local scale.

Keep America Beautiful at Kitsap County Fair, WA

Have you ever thought about what kind of recycling happens at a rodeo? KAB found out this past week at our third and final fair visit of the summer. KAB and Alcoa Foundation provided bins, boots on the ground, and technical expertise at state and county fairs as part of a Clinton Global Initiative commitment. This week in Washington State, the Kitsap County Fair included a rodeo, and we did not know going into the fair what this would mean for recycling. What did we learn? Rodeos are ripe with recyclables! Even though the adult beverage vendors were doubtful that customers would recycle, when we gave them bins and came back to them the next morning, the bins were filled with aluminum cans! We also provided bins in the bleachers, VIP cookout area, beer garden, and even behind the scenes where the cowboys, cattle wranglers, and barrel racers were camping and taking care of their animals.

As we walked around with labels for recycling bins, a man barbecuing with his family called out to “bring one of those over here!” He was eager to have a label for the recycling bin in his cookout area. Later in the fair, when our volunteers went to check on a bin by the cattle wrangler’s shed, a man wanted to know how they were doing with recycling. The bin was completely filled with recyclables, so we were happy to tell him that he and his friends were doing great! It was exciting to see that fairgoers had a very positive response to not only recycling, but a composting pilot as well! KAB is thrilled that people are passionate about reducing waste and recycling right. Did you find recycling at any outdoor events this summer?

Waste Reduction, Recycling & Composting at Arlington State Fair (VA)

The Arlington County Fair partnered with Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and Alcoa Foundation to increase waste reduction, recycling and composting through the strategic placement of recycling bins across the property. KAB also provided an accompanying educational booth, designed to raise awareness about the environmental and economic impact of recycling. The initiative in Arlington included the placement of 30 new, well-marked recycling bins located throughout the expo hall and midway. Twenty-five new wheeled bins were used in the picnic and vendor area. Compost stations were also set-up for both prep-waste from vendors and post-consumer waste from fair-goers.