Montgomery Clean City Commission, AL

MCCC Participates In Creation of New City Park

Montgomery Clean City Commission (MCCC), Alabama Power, the City of Montgomery and Maxwell Air Force Base, are joining forces to create the new 1.25-acre Maxwell Park. The City will take unserviceable land and convert it into a recreational area featuring a boat ramp for the exclusive use of non-motorized boats and a scenic overview of the Alabama River.

On February 16, MCCC brought in a group of 110 volunteers from Maxwell AFB to start the arduous task of removing years of accumulated rubbish. More than 400 bags of debris were filled and removed, but plenty of trash remained for further cleanups. On March 2, volunteers from the Civil Air Patrol, Montgomery Rowing Club, and Master Gardeners continued the task. And MCCC has another cleanup and green-up scheduled for March 16, with 18 pallets of sod being delivered. A rain garden was also built, thanks to funding from Coca-Cola.

Susan Carmichael, MCCC’s executive director, reports that it will be moving on to a larger project called Peacock Tract, which is a two-year neighborhood revitalization project in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights march.

“We will be integrating the principals of smart growth, urbanism and green building into the first national system for neighborhood design,” Carmichael said. “This will be the largest project MCCC has been involved with since we began in 1975. It’s huge! Everything from tearing down buildings to removing sidewalks to taking out brick walls and steps to painting a collage on some large slabs, removing and planting new trees, restoring buildings and so much more.”

The cleanup initiative is far from done, however. There will be cleanups throughout the spring Great American Cleanup period and into the summer.

If anyone is interested in volunteering in Montgomery, Ala., contact Susan Carmichael at (334) 241-2175 or .