Take Pride Winnipeg! Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Take Pride Winnipeg! hosted a one day Recyclathon, where residents could bring various items to one location for recycling. On Saturday May 25, 2013, over 1,025 people arrived with electronics, used paint and paint supplies, fluorescent light bulbs, and used oil and oil containers at the Garden City Shopping Centre parking lot. The Recyclathon was supposed to be from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, but of course people started arriving at 8:30 to drop off their recyclables, and electronics were still being dropped off after 3:00 pm.

Over 50,000 lbs. of electronics, two truckloads of paint products and light bulbs, and thirty-five containers of used oil and oil products were brought in. It was a great way to increase the awareness of recycling in the city, and also to let people know where the different recycling depots were situated across the city.

People want to recycle – they just need to know where to go.

Keep Phoenix Beautiful hosts I Recycle Phoenix

Keep Phoenix Beautiful partnered with the City of Phoenix Public Works Department and dozens of other local organizations for the “I Recycle Phoenix Festival” from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 4th. The event was held at the Cesar Chavez High School located at 3921 W Baseline Rd. in Phoenix.

This free recycle-palooza offers one convenient location for recycling a variety of items including electronics, telephone books, writing instruments (pens, pencils and markers), regular recyclables, clothing, golf balls and much more. Participants also can have their old computer hard-drives and personal documents shredded and recycled.
Participating organizations include: city of Phoenix, Keep Phoenix Beautiful, Westech Recyclers, Goodwill Arizona, Treasures 4 Teachers, Batteries Plus, Verizon Wireless Hopeline, Arizona Center for the Blind, and many others.

We thank our amazing volunteers for making our big event possible!

Paper: 10,985lbs.

Electronics: 7,365lbs.

Other (batteries, household items, office supplies): 12,072lbs.