Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission

The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission (ANHC) hosted their first Great American Cleanup event on March 22. Six volunteers and two staff members removed more than 350 tires from the Terre Noire Natural Area in Southwest Arkansas! The ANHC partnered with a local tire recycling company to ensure the tires did not make their way to a landfill. Thank you, ANHC!

Whitetail Assassins of Arkansas

On March 1, 2014, the Whitetail Assassins of Arkansas hosted “Trashin’ with the Assassin,” an ATV litter pick-up of Mount Magazine State Park.

Seven volunteers removed approximately 400 pounds of litter from fifteen miles of roads and trails surrounding Mount Magazine. From the litter removed, they were able to recycle around 75 pounds of plastic, aluminum and glass.

Mulberry River, Arkansas

Nearly 200 volunteers gathered for Turner Bend Outfitter’s 23rd annual Mulberry River Cleanup Day on March 1. Volunteers spread out across the Mulberry River Valley by foot, ATVs, trucks, and canoes. Within four hours, the Mulberry River was clean from Wolf Pen to Milton Ford (about 25 miles).

Volunteers also cleaned the shuttle roads from Ozark to Shore Lake (about 30 miles), and all the access points in between. Participation was so strong that volunteers also cleaned Highway 23 from Fly Gap to the Mulberry Valley, along with portions of White Rock Road and Morgan Mountain Road.

All in all, more than 5,000 pounds of litter was removed from the Mulberry River Valley and its surroundings. 38 miles of roadways were cleaned, and 25 miles of waterways. Thank you to Turner Bend Outfitter & their amazing team of volunteers!

Illinois River Watershed Partnership, Northwest Arkansas

On March 8, nearly 200 volunteers gathered in 5 communities with the Illinois River Watershed Partnership for the 7th Annual Riparian Project in Northwest Arkansas.

Volunteers planted over 4,000 native tree seedlings in the Illinois River Watershed and removed more than 600 pounds of litter! We’re looking forward to the 8th Annual Riparian Project in 2015!

Texarkana, Arkansas

Volunteers across Texarkana, Arkansas joined together on March 8, 2014 for their, “Cleaner is Greener!” Great American Cleanup and recycling event.

Volunteers removed over 1,000 pounds of litter from the streets of Texarkana, cleaning 5 miles of roadways. More than 15,000 pounds of bulky waste was collected in dumpsters throughout the city. Volunteers also planted more than 30 trees.

Texarkana also hosted a large recycling drive–collecting almost 2,000 pounds each of both plastic and aluminum. They also collected almost 4,000 pounds of newspaper, and almost 5,000 pounds of e-waste.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

The University of Arkansas’ International Language Center hosted a cleanup of Lake Elmdale in Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 14, 2014!

Students from Brazil, Panama, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Vietnam joined together to help remove over 200 pounds of litter, cleaning 2 miles of waterways and 5 acres of public land.

Hundreds unite to beautify the Arkansas River

Arkansas volunteers joined forces during this year’s Great Arkansas River Cleanup to spruce up shorelines and trails along the Arkansas River, providing the state with more than $16,000 in time and effort value.

Keep Arkansas Beautiful and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality partnered with city leaders in Clarksville, Fort Smith, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Ozark and Van Buren to pick up litter from the river and its banks. Teams also cleared brush from shorelines.

“We hope the Great Arkansas River Cleanup will lead to year-round efforts that will transform Arkansas and make its residents feel proud of our state,” said Randy Naylor of Keep North Little Rock Beautiful, which started the Great Arkansas River Cleanup last year.

Despite rainy weather, more than 250 volunteers removed more that 6,000 pounds of litter from stretches of the river in the six participating communities. Along with the expected flotsam from river users, tackle, Styrofoam, cans and bottles, volunteers were shocked to find an abandoned hot tub, tires and other large items that had to be hauled away.

“This event was a great opportunity for everyone who treasures our great river to clean and improve it, augmenting its importance to their local communities,” said Robert Phelps, director of Keep Arkansas Beautiful. “By clearing trash and debris, we can make sure that the Arkansas River continues to be one of the state’s greatest natural resources.”

The Great Arkansas River Cleanup is held in conjunction with the annual Keep Arkansas Beautiful Great Arkansas Cleanup (GAC).