Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation/Keep Detroit Beautiful, Detroit, Michigan

The Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation (GRDC) is partnering with Keep Detroit Beautiful, the Rosedale Grandmont Little League, the City of Detroit, Wayne County and several corporate and local business supporters to renovate the four baseball fields at Stoepel Park No. 1 in northwest Detroit.

The goal of the project is make these baseball fields safe and competitive for the 500+ youth who participate in the local baseball league. To date, we have raised over $450,000 in funding to install a walking path, remove dozens of scrub and dead trees, install fencing around the fields, re-grade the fields, repair broken fencing, install outfield distance signage, create a Green Infrastructure Plan for the park, and install bleachers. The Lowes/Keep America Beautiful grant was used to install warning tracks in three of the outfields. While the total project is not yet complete (1 more field and set of dugouts are still in need of renovations and improvements), this project has only been made possible through the collaboration of many different individuals and entities, all of whom want our kids to have a safe playing environment.