Douglas Discovery Garden by Keep Vermilion County Beautiful

The Douglas Discovery Garden was the second site that was beautified as a part of Keep Vermilion County Beautiful (KVCB)’s annual Great American Cleanup event on May 4th, 2013. For the site’s second year of planting, 55 volunteers came to clean plant beds, plant two trees for Arbor Day as well as spread 15 cubic yards of donated mulch to create pathways in the garden. In collaboration with the Univerisity of Illinois Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners and the Danville High School Building Trades class, a total of nine vegetable plant beds were made with products that will be freely distributed within the community. Six vegetable beds were topped off with ewe compost and planted and three new handicapped-accessible vegetable beds were created. The Master Gardeners incorporated planting education with the teen volunteers and at the end of the event, a whole dumpster was filled with landscape waste.