Keep Clark County Beautiful

Keep Clark County Beautiful volunteers cleaned up over a mile of the Simon Kenton multi-use trail in Springfield, Ohio, on Saturday, April 12. They picked up 25 bags of litter and a dumped tire. Volunteers also removed unsightly tagging from a bridge over the trail. Here, volunteers Kathleen Jedreski and Ryan Peterkoski knock out graffiti.

Keep Clark County Beautiful

Keep Clark County Beautiful is helping the National Trail Parks and Recreation District in Springfield, Ohio, to create an educational nature walk trail for urban youth with little or no access to wilderness areas in the city. On Sunday, March 31, 2014, volunteers removed over 1,000 lbs. of litter from the soon-to-be trail, along with dozens of dumped tires and other bulk items. Utilizing KCCB’s new Community Cleanup Trailer, volunteers were also able to clear vines, weeds, and honeysuckle from the trail as well.

Keep Clark County Beautiful

Volunteers from Cedarville University, Wittenberg University, and the Childrens Rescue Center pitched in to spruce up the Jefferson Street Oasis community garden and Gopher Dome community center on Saturday, March 22, 2014. They collected over 40 bags of litter in addition to removing illegally dumped tires.

Keep Sevier Beautiful, Sevier County TN

Litter Letter Ask WHY at Pigeon Forge Middle School

Six-foot letters stuffed with litter have been placed in front of the Pigeon Forge Middle School along Wears Valley Road asking “WHY” to encourage by passers to rethink littering.

The letters debuted at the commencement of Litter Awareness Month and Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup. Students from Robert Satterfield’s class have been working on the letters as part of a class project in conjunction with Keep Sevier Beautiful. The students designed the shapes of the letters, cut the rebar and wrapped them in chicken wire. All the litter inside the letters have been collected along Sevier County roadways by the County’s litter cleanup crew; a crew funded by TDOT.

“This has been an incredible partnership between the Pigeon Forge High School, Mr. Satterfield and his students, the County and TDOT,” said Laura Howard, Keep Sevier Beautiful executive director. “Not only can we raise awareness about litter by working together, but we can end it as well.”

The letters are part of a larger project — The Litter Letter Project — developed by Rachael Hatley for her MFA thesis to raise awareness about how deeply an environmental issue litter is in Louisiana. As a graphic designer and educator she created a series of letters using litter as the message. There are currently seven large litter letter installations on display in several locations around Washington Parish, La.

By displaying these large-scale visual messages in public places the hope is to provoke a response, thought and action. As the primary gateway to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, litter in Sevier County not only has an environmental impact, but an economic one as well.

“The cost of littering is staggering,” Howard said. “As a County and through our municipalities, we spend over $369,000 picking up litter.” The cost is more than that figure – research shows litter decreases property values, negatively impacts revenue in shopping districts, discourages new businesses to develop in a community, and attracts additional litter and crime.

For more information about litter, how to volunteer or more about the Litter Letter project, visit Keep Sevier Beautiful’s website at

Keep Australia Beautiful

Keep Australia Beautiful (another KAB!), has launched a Littering is Wrong Too campaign to coincide with Keep Australia Beautiful Week. The litter prevention campaign, created by Keep America Beautiful, intrinsically links littering with wrongdoing by asking people to ‘Write your Wrong’ and taking a lighthearted approach to get attention and be remembered. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to change perceptions of those who litter and the act of littering, to induce a long-term change in behavior and lead to cleaner communities. But first, the campaign needs to get your attention, and then get you talking and thinking about litter. Many people don’t regularly talk about the problem of litter, or even perceive it as a problem, and the Littering is Wrong Too campaign aims to change that. By comparing littering to other wrong (and ridiculous) behaviors like “networking at a funeral”, the campaign communicates just how wrong it is to litter.

People in Australia are being asked to enter their ‘wrong’ on the campaign website The most original, quirkiest, humorous entry selected each week over five weeks will receive a cash prize and be featured in future Keep Australia Beautiful publicity campaigns.

Keep America Beautiful is excited to see the program adapted by our friends down under, and looks forward to hearing their wrongest wrongs!

Littering is Wrong Too – Nashville, TN

The Nashville, TN Metro Beautification & Environment Commission has recently launched an anti-littering campaign through a grant from the TN Department of Transportation to engage Nashvillian’s humor and wit to make the point that tossing trash on the ground is no laughing matter. The interactive campaign focuses on the (sometimes) amusing fact that some things are just plain wrong: like networking at a funeral, breaking up on Valentine’s Day or singing out of tune… littering is wrong too.

“The purpose of this campaign is to decrease litter by raising awareness and appealing to the sensibilities that everyone has that some things are just wrong. Littering is no joke – it hurts our beautiful city,” said Veronica Frazier, Metro Beautification executive director.

The campaign has launched and is being spread throughout the city through local events, billboards, street teams, koozies, frisbees, TV stations, newspapers, magazines and just asking Nashvillians to “Write Their Wrongs.” Vanderbilt University football coach James Franklin, Mayor Karl Dean, Prince’s Hot Chicken owner Andre Prince-Jeffries, the Predator’s Gnash and other local celebs have joined the cause to make the point that “littering is wrong too.”

Join in on the fun and write your wrong at