Lake Fayetteville Watershed Partnership, Fayetteville, AR

The Lake Fayetteville Watershed Partnership hosted its 2014 Lake Fayetteville Spring Cleanup on May 10, in conjunction with Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup.

Seventy-five volunteers gathered to help remove approximately 1,200 pounds of litter from in and around Lake Fayetteville! They were able to recycle 150 pounds of recyclables (plastics and aluminum), as well as three tires! Thanks to the Lake Fayetteville Watershed Partnership for their dedication to keeping Lake Fayetteville beautiful!

Keep Dodge City Beautiful, Dodge City, Kansas

For many years, our recycling program has provided a recycle box trailer to two smaller communities in our county. Due to the popularity of the recycling program and the demand by those residents for recycling opportunities daily, this year the cities purchased trailers so that they can recycle on a daily basis. Our program still serves as the processing facility for their items. This has been a very successful partnership.

Whitetail Assassins of Arkansas

On March 1, 2014, the Whitetail Assassins of Arkansas hosted “Trashin’ with the Assassin,” an ATV litter pick-up of Mount Magazine State Park.

Seven volunteers removed approximately 400 pounds of litter from fifteen miles of roads and trails surrounding Mount Magazine. From the litter removed, they were able to recycle around 75 pounds of plastic, aluminum and glass.

Texarkana, Arkansas

Volunteers across Texarkana, Arkansas joined together on March 8, 2014 for their, “Cleaner is Greener!” Great American Cleanup and recycling event.

Volunteers removed over 1,000 pounds of litter from the streets of Texarkana, cleaning 5 miles of roadways. More than 15,000 pounds of bulky waste was collected in dumpsters throughout the city. Volunteers also planted more than 30 trees.

Texarkana also hosted a large recycling drive–collecting almost 2,000 pounds each of both plastic and aluminum. They also collected almost 4,000 pounds of newspaper, and almost 5,000 pounds of e-waste.

Keep Phoenix Beautiful – Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton rolled up his sleeves alongside 300 volunteers to help activate a once vacant lot as a part of his restoration initiative. Mayor Stanton, together with Keep Phoenix Beautiful, launched PHX Renews Activation Day, which took place from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Sept. 21, on the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix. On this day, supporting organizations, volunteers and businesses began breaking ground and activating the 15-acre space for public use. Activation Day signifies the grand opening of PHX Renews, which will be open to the public seven days per week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., accessible by the pedestrian gate near the Central Avenue and Indian School Road light rail stop. Volunteers from Wells Fargo, UPS, University of Phoenix, ASU, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Matson Navigation, PetSmart and other community groups helped out.

“PHX Renews is a community-driven effort showing how we can find creative and sustainable opportunities if we all work together to shape the future of our city,” said Mayor Stanton. “I want this project to serve as a prototype of what will be the beginning of a trend to transform other vacant properties into usable public spaces.”

PHX Renews is about improving the urban landscape of the city of Phoenix through creative vacant land transformation. Its implementation across the valley is intended to uplift communities in the form of social and artistic spaces, reduced crime, improved health and increased property values, while simultaneously providing local therapeutic and sustainable food sources for those in need, free education pertaining to food, energy, water and waste, job skills and vocational training. The initiative also serves as a catalyst for more permanent, smart and sophisticated development solutions for local businesses. PHX Renews is a partnership among nonprofit Keep Phoenix Beautiful, the City of Phoenix, and Barron Collier Companies, owners of the property. PHX Renews is the largest transformation of vacant land happening in the country today.

“We are proud to share with the community the work of Keep Phoenix Beautiful and all of our partner organizations the culmination of more than one year’s worth of work at our PHX Renews site,” said Tom Waldeck, Keep Phoenix Beautiful executive director, who also serves on the Keep America Beautiful board of directors. “We have overcome many hurdles and we are starting to see the successes of our efforts.”

Over the next 18 months and beyond, PHX Renews will evolve as a community-driven effort showing how residents, nonprofits, businesses and organizations can work with the city to shape the future of their community. Mayor Stanton also looks to make it easier to get city approval for more projects like this in downtown Phoenix and various light rail areas.

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Keep America Beautiful at Kitsap County Fair, WA

Have you ever thought about what kind of recycling happens at a rodeo? KAB found out this past week at our third and final fair visit of the summer. KAB and Alcoa Foundation provided bins, boots on the ground, and technical expertise at state and county fairs as part of a Clinton Global Initiative commitment. This week in Washington State, the Kitsap County Fair included a rodeo, and we did not know going into the fair what this would mean for recycling. What did we learn? Rodeos are ripe with recyclables! Even though the adult beverage vendors were doubtful that customers would recycle, when we gave them bins and came back to them the next morning, the bins were filled with aluminum cans! We also provided bins in the bleachers, VIP cookout area, beer garden, and even behind the scenes where the cowboys, cattle wranglers, and barrel racers were camping and taking care of their animals.

As we walked around with labels for recycling bins, a man barbecuing with his family called out to “bring one of those over here!” He was eager to have a label for the recycling bin in his cookout area. Later in the fair, when our volunteers went to check on a bin by the cattle wrangler’s shed, a man wanted to know how they were doing with recycling. The bin was completely filled with recyclables, so we were happy to tell him that he and his friends were doing great! It was exciting to see that fairgoers had a very positive response to not only recycling, but a composting pilot as well! KAB is thrilled that people are passionate about reducing waste and recycling right. Did you find recycling at any outdoor events this summer?

Keep Atlanta Beautiful

Keep Atlanta Beautiful (KAtlB) conducts two Community Recycling events each month for Atlanta residents. Each event accepts items that are not accepted as household recyclables, including electronics, Styrofoam, latex paint, and paper for shredding. The Buckhead event is open the first Saturday of each month, and the Old Fourth Ward event is held on the second Saturday. In the first quarter of 2013, KAtlB recycled 55,646 lbs. of electronics, 684 lbs. of Styrofoam, 884 gallons of latex paint, and 23,800 lbs. of shredded paper. For more information on our recycling centers and other services provided by KAtlB, please visit

Keep Phoenix Beautiful hosts I Recycle Phoenix

Keep Phoenix Beautiful partnered with the City of Phoenix Public Works Department and dozens of other local organizations for the “I Recycle Phoenix Festival” from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 4th. The event was held at the Cesar Chavez High School located at 3921 W Baseline Rd. in Phoenix.

This free recycle-palooza offers one convenient location for recycling a variety of items including electronics, telephone books, writing instruments (pens, pencils and markers), regular recyclables, clothing, golf balls and much more. Participants also can have their old computer hard-drives and personal documents shredded and recycled.
Participating organizations include: city of Phoenix, Keep Phoenix Beautiful, Westech Recyclers, Goodwill Arizona, Treasures 4 Teachers, Batteries Plus, Verizon Wireless Hopeline, Arizona Center for the Blind, and many others.

We thank our amazing volunteers for making our big event possible!

Paper: 10,985lbs.

Electronics: 7,365lbs.

Other (batteries, household items, office supplies): 12,072lbs.