Keep Martin Beautiful, Martin County, Florida

Every year as part of the Great American Cleanup, Keep Martin Beautiful in Martin County, FL works with local non-profit, Habitat Angel to revitalize one neighborhood during “Extreme Martin Makeover.” This year we conquered Port Salerno’s New Monrovia Neighborhood. Not only were we able to remove 2400 lbs. of debris, but we also gave facelifts to 22 homes by repainting and adding landscaping. One house was even given a new, much needed roof from our friends at Capps Roofing. As part of the event the homes were prepped prior to the makeover. Weeks in advance volunteers spent time removing any rotten sliding, priming, and pressure washing the homes. Over 300 volunteers came out to help our community and keep Martin County beautiful! We couldn’t have made it such a successful day without all the help!

Keep Slidell Beautiful

Olde Towne Lamp Post Painting

KSB observed the lampposts in Olde Towne Slidell were faded, pitted and had green oxidized paint.  Thinking we had about 125-150 lampposts to paint, KSB asked the Mayor for permission to take this on as a project.  Once he agreed, KSB actually counted the poles and found out there were 328!  A total of 25 volunteers and community service workers worked 217 hours on the project and painted 225 lampposts.  The Police Department Trustees painted the rest.

The Mayor was so pleased with the outcome that he had the City put in all new globes with new LED fluorescent lights.  The 36 hanging baskets that KSB plants and maintains sure look a lot better on nice beautifully painted lampposts.

Keep Vermilion County Beautiful

Keep Vermilion County Beautiful, Danville, IL
Local volunteers worked long hours for months to redesign and revamp a desolate, empty lot which housed a building that burned down many years ago into a beautiful resource for the community to gather.

Many things were added to this lot that weren’t previously there before, including, water lines, electricity, rock walls, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. The area was completely renovated.

Restored Park in Guntersville, AL

Restoring Community Park (and Pride) After Devastating Tornado in Guntersville, AL

On April 27, 2011, people in the northeast corner of Alabama awoke to blaring sirens. While the local and national weather forecasters knew it was coming, residents of small-town Guntersville, with a population of less than 9,000 people, couldn’t have predicted the brutal fury of the massive tornados that ripped through so many local communities.

At the heart of Guntersville was a park – a park that was now destroyed. The whole community was affected by what is now referred to as the 2011 Super Outbreak. The devastation of the park left a constant physical and emotional reminder of the tornados. Restoring the park was critical to revitalizing the town.

During Keep America Beautiful’s National Planting Day in September of 2012, Keep Guntersville Beautiful and local volunteers used grant funding to help restore this important community gathering place. Volunteers worked to plant close to 300 new shrubs and flowers to help restore the park to become the beautiful place that this once was. New park benches, trash cans and recycling containers were also installed.

This project helped connect Guntersville residents, while helping to increase business traffic in the surrounding neighborhood. The restoration of the now vibrant community park, gave residents new found hope.