Keep Glendale Beautiful, CA

“Geneva Gardens” Yields Organic Produce and Facilitates an Unlikely Partnership

Keep Glendale (Calif.) Beautiful (KGB) used its $20,000 Lowe’s/KAB Community Improvement Grant to execute the transformation of a vacant lot into the Geneva Gardens, a 13-bed eco-garden in an urban, Glendale neighborhood. Sixty percent of the residents in this neighborhood live in dense, multi-family dwellings with no access to property, so the Geneva Gardens has created a safe, outdoor space for residents to gather.

The restorative powers of the eco-garden are manifested by the opportunity for active living through gardening as well as their newfound ability for local residents to supplement their food supply with fresh, organic produce grown in their own garden plot in what was once a blighted area. A unique feature of Geneva Gardens is its recycled water irrigation system; only one other city in California has implemented such a system.

During the planning stages of the project, KBG was approached by a local Boy Scout troop looking to conduct a large service project for one of their scout’s Eagle Scout project. The Eagle Scout candidate’s main objective was to build a large tool shed to house the various supplies necessary to maintain the eco-garden. Keep Glendale Beautiful helped the candidate partner with a local Lowe’s store to ensure that all of the necessary supplies were made available. This is just one of example of an unlikely community partnership that emerged because of the generosity of Lowe’s.