Keep Lexington Beautiful, KY

Planting Natives Restores Natural Beauty to Community Stream in Lexington, KY

Last October, Lexington, Ky., community members had a unique opportunity to help Keep Lexington Beautiful eradicate invasive species and uncover the beauty of a local business corridor and stream. On a cold and rainy day volunteers removed nearly 85 tons of invasive bush honeysuckle and other plant debris from the area, and installed 100 native trees and shrubs.

The aggressive bush honeysuckle can become a huge problem along waterways, especially in Kentucky. The massive amount of invasive species overtaking the corridor hampered residents and drivers from knowing about the stream and habitat that existed underneath it all.

Not only were the aesthetics of this historic business corridor affected negatively over time, but the amount of storm water runoff and pollution had long been diminishing the water quality of the river. Local students tested the water with kits provided by the state utility company; this helped provide a baseline for testing the improvement of the quality over time.

Fortunately, the volunteers not only beautified the area, they also collected 440 pounds of recyclables and 1.5 tons of trash and debris that had been littered along the corridor and in the stream.
Lexington continues to be a great city thanks to so many of its citizens volunteering to make it more beautiful.